duminică, 20 octombrie 2013

Did you hear about Silva?

Not at all accidentally, this summer I met one of the most inspiring persons I ever did, in a short trip in the mountains, in a village named Brebu. I was not fond of reading, but after meeting I. (I'll just name her I. for now) I started eating books on bread. And no, not literature, but something else.

Just to give you a small hint, if you ever believed in the power of your mind, if you ever believed that indeed a human being can do anything if he/she puts his "brain into it", this is the topic of this post, the power of the mind, your mind!

I woke up in the morning in their beautiful house, in a warm summer morning, I went on the terasse and asked if they have breakfast to serve. She gave me a long look and said NO, "but if you want I can make you a tea". I accepted, knowing that I am angry in the morning if I don't have my breakfast in time, or at least a cup of tea. After not even a minute, I. came back to me saying that if I like, she can make me an omlet. My heart melted, butterflies started flying in my stomach and there is was, my breakfast was about to arrive. Of course I said YES and offered to help. She did not accept my help but after around 10 minutes while I was playing with the dogs, I. came to me with a lovely basket, an ornamental breakfast with omlet and cheese and boiled corn, all with a flower on top. I was in love with everything that was happening to me. She asked where would I like to have my breakfast and I chose the garden, on the hill. While eating my goodies with the 2 brownies behind me (the dogs that is) I felt it, it was something so good, such a feeling that I wish it would last more than a day, a week or a month. It was the feeling of happiness. I took the basked back, thanked for the delicious foods and after that we were linked. We went on the terasse and started talking. There I. told me the story of her living in the mountains with her partner, the fact that one day she decided to stop existing and start living, start enjoying life and projecting her own wishes, making them come true. And that's when I first heard about Silva.

After the lovely weekend, I got home, started google-ing, bought the book called "The Silva Mind Control Method" and another 2-3 books beside it and started reading. And I read and read, the books and online and I felt that it's time to do the next step and finish the course. And so I did. Starting 6th of October 2013 I became a proud absolvent of the Silva mind control course, with diploma and everything. And after the course things became all brighter and more clear.  A few personal examples after understanding what this control is all about, I set up my biological wach to wake me up every morning at ~ 06.20 (after one year of barely opening my eyes at 06.50 everyday to go to work), I am healing my headakes without any medicine, colds, back pains (caused by scoliosis) and others, I have a much better physical state and take all negative situations more ligh, control my blood presure in tense situations etc.

In very short words, the Silva method teaches you how to control yourself and activate different capabilities using your mind, capabilities that we were born with but have no idea they are there, don't even mention that we are not using them. It all happens in the Alpha state of the mind, the state of mind like before a sleep, when you are almst asleep but still aware of the things happening.

In a few words here are some Scientifically verifiable skills though Silva method:

  • Deep relaxation, including both body and mind
  • Meditating immediately, with eyes closed or open
  • Cure for insomnia--voluntary going-to-sleep in one minute
  • Pain control--Silva practitioners are able to not mind intermediate pain, and can get cavities filled or receive colonoscopies without any anaesthetics
  • Blood flow control, leading to primitive temperature control--"send heat" to hands or places in the body. At advanced levels, this can also be used to lessen blood flow to moderate cuts.
  • Self-diagnosis of mental and emotional challenges
  • Memory replay of past events (useful for finding dropped keys, etc.)
  • Intuitive understanding of subconscious sides of self (useful for overcoming blockages)
  • Intuitive understanding of subconscious sides of others
  • Brainstorming and idea formation
  • Energy level control

For better and better!

joi, 22 august 2013

The story of La la la

Were you ever curious to understand this video, cause honestly I didn't understand shit when I saw it the first time. It kind of looked familiar but no clue what these people are singing about. Then one day curiosity burned its flame and made me open Google and search...

The song tells in fact a Bolivian legend from early 20th century about a deaf boy who leaves his abusing home and starts wondering on the streets accompanied by a stray dog. After some time he discovered he has the ability to understand people's troubles which he can heal by screaming, said to be as loud as an earthquake and a tornado. On his way he finds and old man, stoned by the villagers, who's heart he is reviving from sorrow. Together they meet a leper, a disfigured man rejected by the society, who is in fact a prophet cursed by an underworld demon, El Tio, who the man did not worship. Altogether they went in the mine where the demon lived; the deaf boy faced the creature alone and screamed to stop him from cursing others. 

Now who would have thought this nice, kind of clubby, maybe sometimes remixed song would have such a story. Brilliant!

So now that you know the story, listen to the song again, have a look at the video one more time and say what you think!

luni, 15 iulie 2013

A solo traveler is never alone

I get this a lot "Oh my God, you traveled or you travel alone"... People! There is nothing wrong in going here and there alone. In fact I think there is something wrong in always depending on someone else besides you.

Here are a few reasons why I am sometimes a solo traveler:

1. I travel alone because I love to travel no matter what or how.
2. I sometimes travel alone because not all my friends have the necessary financial resources to follow me wherever my mind dreams to go.
3. I traveled alone because I felt lonely and wanted to get out of that prison. Believe it or not, it worked like crazy. I felt more happy alone than with someone by my side.
4. I last time traveled alone because my dear friend lost her flight, got stuck half the way to the destination where I was expecting her, and had to go back because of "completely booked flight" reasons.
5. I sometimes traveled alone because I was meeting someone at the destination.
6. I travel alone because I don't have a better half yet.
7. I travel alone because I am free to do whatever I want, whenever I want, to meet whoever I want anytime I want. Not that with someone I would feel stuck, but it's a great satisfying feeling of freedom to know you are in complete control over yourself, your activities and your time.
8. I travel alone because I do not mind it at all. I find travel as a medicine to daily activities.
9. I travel alone because I am in love with the whole world and everything it has to show me.
10. I sometimes travel alone because these experiences are life lessons.

Do not believe otherwise, I love people, I love my friends and would take them everywhere with me, but that's not always possible. And the fact that they're not around when I want to pack my bags and go...that won't stop me.

In fact a solo traveler is never alone as I see it. And not only me, I am sure there are a lot of people out there feeling the same. So to tell you the story of my last solo travel, it happened in Peru 2 month ago. I left Timisoara (Romania), my home town, completely alone, took a train to Budapest, then a flight to Amsterdam and then a connecting flight to Lima, and voila. I was alone in Peru. The desire to visit this country was to big to be stopped by such an insignificant fact like ....having no one to travel with :) In fact I had a planned companion, till reason no 4 from the above list happened.
Anyways, the idea is that I had so many people around, so many lovely people from who I could learn and have lots of fun with. And here a few of them cause they were so many that I lost count and names :P

Starting in Lima, in my first 2 days, Lien and Kathleen, 2 great Belgian ladies, kept me company in the hostel and also in the next day for a boat trip in Paracas to visit the sea lions and wild birdies. And because beauty has no age, after they left I got "stuck" with 3 friendly Latin Americans, 1 Peruvian-Javier, who was living in US almost his entire life, and 2 "crazy" Venezuelan and Porto Rican ladies, all of them 50+ but happier than many of the people I know. The next day back in Lima was in the hostel in the company of 2 kind of weird Austrians guys, who were living in the jungle since half year on a diet camp, from whom I found out everything about Ayahuasca and its healing powers. I then decided that I will try this experience one time.
The way to Cusco was long and tiring (22 hours), but the aim to see Machu Picchu made it all worth it. In the hostel the only night there brought me together with an awesome Dutch dude that I met later on in Aguas Calientes after visiting Machu Picchu. On the way to Aguas Calientes, that being a 6 hours minibus ride at 4000 m, I spent a lot of words and stories with a lovely Israeli couple, with Jake, the hyper energetic English dude that I could barely understand sometimes (British accent simply kills me) and many others happy people, all waiting to get up on the ruins and check another thing on their bucket list. On Machu Picchu, Denise, the cute Brazilian, kept me company for the first 1.5 hours, then Joanne and Tara Cloud were my walking companions for around 3 hours, all the way to the Sungate and back. Great talks, beautiful life stories and a lot of nice pictures, cause hey... "Make them look good, they're for Facebook" :)) Back in Cusco I spent a lovely day up on the hills with Nick, the cute Dutch youngster with great and fun stories, ending our day with some tasty beers and very good food. I will not mention the bunch of party people from the hostels where I slept cause then I will not finish the post in this life :))) In the last days, in Puno, the place from where I went sailing on lake Titicaca, on the boat, Max and his very young and open minded mom kept me company along the journey, not to mention again the 55+ couples enjoying the views and the heroic 80 years old American lady that managed to get off the boat and walk 40 minutes on the island hills till our restaurant. Evenings were reserved for dinner with Maggie (the lovely American girl with Romanian ancestors) and her husband, a friendly couple who were traveling for work in Peru. Finally back in Lima, in my last day, hoping to have a chill evening to relax and just enjoy the urban views, in Kennedy park in Miraflores, a police officer passed by smiling. I stopped him to ask if I am allowed to smoke in public and that was it. We started talking and we didn't stop for another hour and half. About Romania, about Peru, about history, politics, about Peruvian traditions and how they changed during time, about him, me, the people around, about cats and many more. I did not feel the need to relax and enjoy the urban views anymore. I had such a great time with him that I forgot I am leaving soon :)

Bottom line, "we wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment".

sâmbătă, 6 iulie 2013

Once in a lifetime

I thought about it a lot and tried to describe it, but words don't seem to be enough. I don't think Machu Picchu can be described in words, it just cannot. I can say that it has magic, it gives power, it awakes feelings. The place made me feel truly happy, made me feel complete, like the perfect place in a perfect moment.
Surrounded by untouched nature and early morning clouds, finding my way up to an old spiritual sun gate, the first 2,5 hours of walk were the perfect way to start the day, after less than 5 hours of sleep. The hot sun in the chilly morning was finding its way out of the clouds, and slowly it started embracing us, all of us, the lucky ones walking on the ancient ruins. The way nature received us was perfect, the energy we gave back was priceless. We were linked and we most probably will continue to be linked...forever.
Anyways, the mix of feelings lasted around 5 hours while I was walking around the ruins, and another half hour in the bus, on my way back to Aguas Calientes. After that, it all became an amazing memory that brings back some of the feelings every time I see the pictures and remember how it was up there, in the sky, at 2800 m.
Once in a lifetime...

sâmbătă, 15 iunie 2013

Closer to the sky, another life

Bus ride for 7 hours. Breathing became just a little bit more difficult than yesterday. But still no real problem. I will survive for sure. Landed at sunset in the middle of the city. Puno is quite ugly and dirty. I have a weird feeling, it's doesn't really feel like home, not like Cusco. Oh well, let's see what happens.

I woke up in the middle of the mountains, the amazing Andes mountains, at the altitude of 3800 m...sailing on a small boat, to a paradise island. I never imagined that mountain (3800 m) and sailing could go together. It seems lake Titicaca makes it happen everyday.
We first visited the floating islands, made by hand by the local communities (Peruvians-ancestors from the Pre-Inca civilization) who ran on the water long years ago, to protect themselves from the Inca civilization that came to take over the lands. The families on the islands are living an extremely simple life, using their boats everyday to bring supplies from the mainland. They mainly live from tourism fishing and handcrafting.

Moving a little bit further from the mainland, around 2.5 hrs by boat, is the beautiful Taquile island, a natural island serving a community of 2900 people. A community that lives by its own rules, quite different than ours. Besides the fact that they don't pay any taxes or utilities, they have an own government which they elect every year by raising their hand in the main square. They grow their own food, eat tones of fish and rice, use solar electricity for cooking, but still have a few schools and a doctor from the mainland during the week (hopefully nobody gets ill in weekends)  Their main sources are tourism (you pay 3 USD to get on the island) handcraft and the traditional fishing thanks to the lake.

It's funny to call it lake cause this huge pile or water looks like a sea, a sea at 3800 m above...sea level :)))
After one full day in such a place, after visiting such a different kind of lifestyle, it kind of makes you want to go back to your roots, life can be so beautiful without many useless shit we have everyday.

Post written on 26 May 2013 at 15.30 Peru time, 23.30 Romania time.

sâmbătă, 1 iunie 2013

Head in the clouds

10.000 m up in the sky since 9 hours. After 8 hours of only water and clouds view, the ocean encountering land is a magical scene. Like I woke up especially to see that.
The land is dry, no vegetation, only sand and stones. We passed Venezuela and Colombia and are now heading slowly towards Peru where the vegetation is starting to show up in the high tops. Me? Overwhelmed! Others around me? Snoring like bears. I suppose they don´t care, the pilot doesn´t care, only about the air around his plane, but I care. Who knows what life is down there under me, what amazing beautiful things are happening. I would be so happy to try one, at least one.
Rare conglomerats of white spots appear from time to time in the scene. The cities are quite rare in this corner of the continent it seems. The water is invading the scene again and clouds are back. The sky above us is getting crowded and grey; looks like autumn. Well what do you know, it is autumn in this part of the globe.
Land again, this time all green, different types of green even. I might say it looks familiar now, European somehow. You know, I just realised that every continent has a different view from the clouds, and these views give me unique feelings everytime.
I remember first time I got into a plane, it was my flight to India. When I started flying over the huge dunes of sand I started to panic. I was passing over Iran or Afghanistan and I couldn´t stop my mind from thinking how would it be if we were to end up there for any reason. In the desert, maybe miles away from civilization, in a country that from TV does not seem very friendly or welcoming (not that I would know that for real) I was scared, my hands turned cold and I could not wait to change the view. When the plane started flying over India my muscles relaxed. I could see green fields and houses and that made me feel good again. Till I landed in Delhi that is :)))) The flight to Dubai was less scary, cause I´ve been there before, over the golden sands. But the flight to Brazil was one to remember, cause most of the time we flew over Africa. I was watching the map and hoping that we would need to land anywhere on the way. The scene was all green, thin lines of water appeared from time to time, I was closing my eyes and imagining that I am down there somewhere, in the jungle, with wildlife all around me, with monkeys and tigers and beautiful birds singing. Of course it was a nice dream, cause none of the animals were about to chew me, on the contrary, they were receiving me in their environment.
But getting back to reality, 2 hours and a half till Lima. Let´s sleep it away!

* This article was written on 17th of May at 15.30 Peru time, 23.30 Romania time.

duminică, 5 mai 2013

Pierduti in zilele noastre

Nu am putut sa nu sesizez cat de repede au trecut lunile din acest an. Parca acum nu demult petreceam revelionul printre pitzipongi, acum nu demult am implinit 25 de ani, parca acum cateva zile ne pacalea primavara cu o ultima ninsoare si pac, tocmai trece Pastele.
Printre constatari: nu am facut si nu mi s-a facut nici o pacaleala de 1 aprilie anul asta. Prea ocupati, seriosi, ingandurati, nemultumiti sa fim noi oare? Primavara nu s-a simtit pe strada mea. Pe a voastra s-a simtit? Din ninsoare am sarit in 25 de grade...dar parca primavara imi scotea gecuta din dulap si puloverul cu blanita. Se pare ca se vor invechi pana la toamna, in speranta ca mai exista toamna. 1 mai si postul Pastelui s-au batut cap in cap anu' asta. Ce facem, bagam un mic sau pacatuim si ne dam dezlegare la carne si bere pentru o zi? Eu m-am abtinut o saptamana de la tot felul de mancaruri si produse animale, dar sa nu beau o bere de 1 mai ar fi fost chiar strigator la cer. Acum ori sunt eu dusa cu pluta ori suntem toti, dar eu nu am simtit Pastele asa ca in copilarie. Poate ca am citit prea mult, poate ca documentarele din ultimii ani mi-au impuiat capul cu tot felul de informatii care ma abat de la calea "cea dreapta", sau poate ca imi deschid ochii.
Insa cu un lucru m-am lamurit, ca asa cum musulmanii isi respecta traditia cu sfintenie si hindusii se bucura de multitudinea de zeitati prin sarbatori care mai de care mai colorate, noi apartinem unei culturi care piere daca nu o urmam, asa ca Pastele va fi intotdeauna oua colorate si mers la biserica si cantat "Hristos a inviat" orice ganduri as avea sau ce carti am citit. Fiindca daca traditia piere, ne ducem si noi cu ea.

Siii pana una alta afara e cald, natura e verde, rotile de la bicicleta sunt umflate, deci sa iesim la o plimbare, zic.

duminică, 17 martie 2013

Opreste-te clipa, ca prea frumoasa esti

"Atat de real, de cosmar, morbid, dar minunat"
"Trebuie sa scriem niste lucrari despre cateva spectacole si nu pot sa scriu despre asta pentru ca intr-adevar nu exista cuvinte sa descriu ceea ce tocmai am vazut. Nu pot sa numesc asta teatru, nu pot sa o numesc opera. Este ceva uimitor. Spre asa nazuiesc in viata. Multumesc."
"Am 78 de ani si nu am vazut ceva asemanator nicaieri; si am fost la multe teatre si opera in viata mea. De necrezut. Spectaculos. As dori ca toti cunoscutii mei sa vada acest spectacol."

Nu am sa uit pelerina neagra care ii acoperea spatele, acum multi multi ani, parca era chiar el, diavolul. Am citit si piesa. A fost greu, fiind scrisa in versuri, imi cautam explicatii si invarteam cuvintele in minte pana iesea povestea. Dar am perceput-o pana la urma, sau cel putin asa consider.
Pe foarte scurt, este vorba despre omul pacatos care isi vinde sufletul diavolului inainte de sfarsitul calatoriei prin viata.

Scriu despre Faust, opera lui Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, simplu cunoscut ca Goethe.
Scriu pentru ca am avut bucuria, privilegiul... si nebunia sa ma urc intr-un tren si sa ma duc pana in Sibiu pentru a vedea o piesa de teatru. Sau? O capodopera culturala?
Adevarul e ca am auzit de multe ori lume povestind despre piesa Faust regizata de Silviu Purcărete, care se joaca numai la Sibiu si care TREBUIE vazuta, fiind o maiestrie in ale teatrului. Si ca tot omu' nu crezi pana nu vezi.
Va spuneam mai sus ca am avut bucuria si privilegiul...de a ma afla in data de 9 a lui martie la hala Balanta incepand cu ora 19.00, la piesa Faust a teatrului national Radu Stanca din Sibiu. A fost cea mai coplesitoare experienta teatrala de pana acum, care la propiu ne-a lasat FARA cuvinte. Parca orice am fi vorbit, dezbatut, povestit ar fi fost in zadar in urma experientei vizuale si auditive de care avusesem parte. Si sa nu credeti ca s-ar fi datorat textului! Decorul, costumele, scenografia, muzica ametitoare, efectele, machiajul si actorii...Ar fi inutil sa incep sa descriu ce se intampla in acel loc, dar nu pot sa nu va spun ca porcii invita publicul la petrecerea iadului unde dracii zboara pe deasupra capetelor, femeile pline de sange danseaza, altele scuipa foc altele...pfff...am inceput sa descriu. Dar partea cea mai interesanta e faptul ca oamenii se inghesuie sa vada mai bine, sa asiste la jocurile diabolice, iar eu, eu am fost in extaz. Cata bolnaviciune in oameni, sau care sa fie explicatia faptului ca nu am fost deloc oripilati ce ceea ce se petrecea in scena, scena din care faceam si noi parte la un moment dat. Tind sa cred ca tocmai aceasta latura cruda a facut ca experienta sa fie atat de inedita si culmea, sa te lase cu dorinta de a mai vedea piesa o data, si inca o data, si inca o data. Pentru mine e limpede ca intr-o luna sunt din nou la Sibiu sa mai vad Faustul lui Purcărete o data.
Fie ca esti om de teatru fie ca nu, cred ca e imposibil ca aceasta piesa in aceasta regie sa nu-ti treazeasca simtiri adanci. Eu va recomand o rupere din realitate, o fuga pana la Sibiu si o delectare culturala care merita tot efortul.
Si sa fie si mai convingatoare toata treaba, iata ultima parte dintr-o serie de 3 episoade despre succesul lui Faust la festivalul international de arta spectacolului de la Edinburgh. Daca sunteti curiosi exista si primele 2 episoade pe langa.

luni, 28 ianuarie 2013

Ce ne aduce 2013...

In primul rand imi aduce mie ideea in cap sa incep sa scriu pe blog in limba materna, asa ca fraticilor care nu intelegeti va rog mult folositi optiunea de translate :D Eu oricum va iubesc, stiti voi asta :)
In al doilea rand, pai 2013 ne aduce exact... ce vrem noi. Cum asa? Pai uite asa. Pentru ca asa merge treaba de fapt. Eh cred ca am mai vorbit noi despre asta, si am scris cate ceva si despre acel mega-film motivatio-inspirational cu secretul care de fapt sta in fiecare dintre noi, "The Secret". Unii l-au vazut, s-au folosit de el, altii fac ca lucrurile sa treaca pe langa ei neobservate. Ideea este ca nebunia asta chiar se intampla, trebuie doar incercata o data la modul serios, si vazut cum lucrul pe care intr-adevar ti-l doresti, ca e obiectiv pe anul 2013 sau ceva in general, se indeplineste, daca desigur crezi ca se poate intampla si nu uiti sa iti spui asta in fiecare zi sau chiar dimineata cand incepi ziua.
La mine de exemplu functioneaza astfel. Dimineata cand deschid ochii (daca ma trezesc pe partea dreapta) dau cu nasu' intr-o coala A4 pe care sunt insirate toate starile de spirit sau dorintele mele pentru anul in curs. De la "zambesc zilnic" pana la dorinta de a vizita Machu Picchu (care se va intampla in vreo 4 luni apropo), pe toate le spun cu voce tare sau chiar in gand de vreo 2-3 ori, apoi ma ridic din pat si am pornit la treaba. Daca ma trezesc pe partea stanga, realizez intr-un semi-somn ca nu am nimic in fata si fac repede o pirueta in pat pana dau de coala. Si zic ca merge treaba, asa am ajuns eu anul trecut sa imi indeplinesc 2 mari dorinte, incepand fiecare dimineata din 2011 cu gandul la ele. Si toate astea fara sa planuiesti modalitatea prin care s-ar realiza, ci pur si simplu gandindu-te la ele si lasand viata sa curga normal, fara sa fortezi lucrurile.
Desigur aceasta este modalitatea care functioneaza pentru mine, insa pana la urma controlul este la noi, si fiecare isi poate gasi un fel de a face lucrurile sa se intample, prin propria putere. Gandirea pozitiva si auto-controlul joaca un rol tare important, oricat de rau ar fi lucrul care ti s-a intamplat, oricat de mare ar fi problema, sau de grei nervii, exista o solutie, iar daca tu crezi asta o vei gasi rapid si ai sanse mari sa revii la starea normala, de impacare cu sinele sau cu ceilalti.
Dar revenind la ce ne aduce 2013, ca am inceput iar sa balivernez cu treburi psihologice si motivationale, am inteles ca numai lucruri scumpe in Romania: marirea pensiilor si reducerea salariilor bugetarilor cu venituri foarte mari, introducerea unei noi taxe de iesire din spital, masini second-hand mai scumpe si pretul la tigari mai mare, din ce in ce mai multe E-uri in paine si o usoara crestere a monedei Euro pana in vara. O noua apocalipsa? Sunt pregatita chiar si de-un potop :))) Nu continui fiindca lista e lunga rau si pe mine nu ma pasioneaza aceste aspecte.
Iar ca sa nu ne deprimam foarte tare de ce ne prezic astrele sau Pro Tv pentru noul an, mai citim Romania Pozitiva sa ne mai binespunem si sa realizam ca totusi sunt multe lucruri frumoase care se intampla, doar ca deh, stirile de la ora 5 sunt mai cool decat un site cu stiri de bine, nu?

sâmbătă, 26 ianuarie 2013

Goodie moodie

The time has come for you to know that I am a very...wishful person :D When I see someone eating I cannot stop myself from having a "small bite", just for the taste. Therefore you can imagine my favorite food is and most probably always will be Indian food. Tasty, spicy, meaty and veggie in the same time, saucy and everything else that you might want, it's the BEST.
And of course one of the things I miss most since I am home is the delicious Asian/Oriental/Indian foods from all the places I've been to. Besides that the worst thing is that in Romania you cannot find these famous tasty restaurants, bakeries or sweet shops that you find in the world.
Here are just a few of the places I've been to in the last 1 year and half and I badly miss:

*Baskin Robbins. Probably the BEST ICE CREAM in the world :))  In case you haven't tasted this ice cream ever in your life, well you should not pass life on Earth and not try it. It is one of the best things I ever tasted...and I DON't really like sweets. Once a week Baskin ice cream was on the to do list, and pfff they had so many and good flavors. My personal recommendations: Jamoca Almond Fudge and Praline's n Cream, for sure the best ice creams in the world :))))
* TGI Friday's is simply delicious. I don't know how it is in other countries but in Dubai the staff is so cheerful and happy happy joy joy that you would go there everyday. Smiling faces, good service, not to mention a variety of foods and deserts and good atmosphere that make you want to go back. It happened to us one winter evening, after coming back from a one day cruise in Oman, we stopped for a late dinner at TGI Friday's and guess what, somehow the staff came to know that it was my friend's birthday. In the next moments all silence and a small ice cream & pastry with a candle came in the picture, with the staff singing and dancing happy birthday or something. It was so nice and cute that I was clapping and laughing like an IDIOT...for real... Here's a proof.

* Cinnabon is something unique. I know you can find it in Romania as well, if not something very similar, but not in my city unfortunately. Now this is the real cinnamon shit I tell you. Everything tastes so real and good that even salty people like me would want to eat it at least once in 2 days. Cinnabon rolls and many secondary similar products are just making you drool in front of the store, and man they smell sooooo gooood!!!!!
* I don't know who this Tim Hortons is but damn he has a food restaurant! Apparently this chain is only found in Canada, Central America and Oman and UAE, but it should definitely expand some more. It was the first place I tasted a broccoli soup and I started cooking it since then, it was that good, and many other bakery products that made my mouth  drool.
* North Carolina apparently invented Krispy Kreme, and oh God bless them cause they made an amazing discovery. Best donuts in the world I tell you, the best ones. In my first days in Dubai I met Ahmed and Roxana, and in our first day out I well remember that Ahmed had a pack with 6 nice looking donuts with some black and white chocky on top, inviting me to try one cause it's the best one and their favorite. I was to shy to take one, so I think I just took a bite and it tasted damn good. That was just the beginning. My relation with Krispy Kreme became stronger every time I was passing next to the store in the Mall and stopping to have 2 donuts instead of lunch, or as a desert. Since then we became close, and thought nobody knew, I was eating those donuts quite often, more often than my sweetie roommate :D

So in the end, if you pass by one of these stores in some big city in the world, don't hesitate to stop and have a bite. 
And most important of them all: God bless America!

sâmbătă, 19 ianuarie 2013

Good old friend..

Annd I am back ladies and gentleman, nice to still see you here after so long. I just had some rough times and now I am back, in a new year, with new ideas and new plans ahead. Short term ones, not to spoil life surprises of course.
Nowadays, still winter, my favorite season of them all, cold weather and white pictures everywhere, just the way I like it. And since I missed to write the Christmas and New Year stories, still I'm gonna tell a kind of Christmas story, about an old friend that's by my side since I was a kid. In winter or summer, whether I am gone or back home, he is still here, waiting for me and brightening my mornings since many many years. Presenting... my very own Christmas tree :)

Just to let you know, he lives in front of my house, in fact, he was planted here by my grandparents or parents, I don't even remember. He is around 20 years old, a little smaller than me at age, but more than 7 times taller :)) Yeah, you are right, that's me in the picture with the tree. It's clear that we grew little bit more than I was imagining when I was that small. He had a lot of space when he was young and little, in fact he's still young, just that he grew so much that the space is not enough for him now. But he is taking it very well and apparently loves us and got used to us that much...that he keeps growing. My dogs love him to, they can hide under his branches and chill in the hot summer days. He makes winter and season holidays more beautiful and all my mornings happy, cause I wake up with him in front of my window.
And as friend was telling me these holidays, in fact we don't decorate Christmas trees, they decorate us.