luni, 30 aprilie 2012

Crazy little thing called...

Sitting here in the comfort of my new home, a temporary home, I realize I am alone. Sometimes so alone that my thoughts take control over me, so I find myself powerless under my own mind. What a weird thing this mind, it is fascinating how much it can do with a person and how much we allow it to do, just because we don't have this power to control it. And what is this part of human body if not my own self in the end; so if it is my own self, shouldn't I be able to do what I want with it? Experience, books, advices have proved that NO, not everyone can control its mind. But many times it's the other way around. So what do I do in this case? Do i let myself being taken away by...what do you!? Now this is where auto inspiration, self motivation and others like that come in place. Music, words, pictures, they all come to help, and this is when I start taking control over myself once again. Talk to me!...I said and so I did. I told myself that I should stop thinking and start living. I freed my mind because I wanted to, I stopped wining because I convinced myself I have no reason to do so, I started laughing because I told myself a joke. Then I went to sleep cause I was to tired to be awake some more.

joi, 5 aprilie 2012

Mauritius island and the Seven coloured earth

This was for sure one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited in a vacation, but it's definitely after taj mahal on the worldwide atraction list :P Since we stayed in the south of the island, it was quite easy to reach this place, just hopped in a public bus and in one hour we were in the small village of Chamarel, from where we took a not so cheap taxi till up the hill where the Seven coloured earth park is. On the way to the coloured sands we were delighted by the extremely green and wild nature, waterfalls all the ways, climbind up and down on the hill, between rocks and palm trees, just enought walk to make you tired so that when you reach to see the sands, you will feel as free as them and enjoy it to the max. Aparently the composition from the soil is giving the coloures, which is iron and aluminium, from red colours, brown, violet, green, blue, purple to yellow, and even doe the heavy tropical rains from the island, they don't wash away, mix, dissapear...since more than 1960. Now the bad part about this small trip was the weather. Do not let yourselves fooled by the island weathers, cause if there is no sun, just appearing from time to time between the clouds, that does not mean that you won't get tanned...or I did :D Wear scarfs or cover you neck if having a loose t-shirt and even your nose and forehead if possible. My experience, a cruel neck, forehead and nose burnt...which still shows off after 1 week :| On the way back from the beautiful colours, next stop was Rochester water falls, a hidden place in the middle of the sugar cane plantations, where on the way we found some lovely south african people about which I'm gonna tell you soon.

luni, 2 aprilie 2012

Mauritius island...planning and impressions

No, no no no no. Definitely not what you see on google images is the right way to express the beauty of this island. That is luxury bulshit that lazy toursist do when getting there, book a 2000 euro hotel and go on yachts every day, playing golf, laying like turtles in the sun...when you can actually go and ride them...the turtles I mean :))
And to clear some first things, the island partains to Africa, even doe it is highly habited by...indians. Apparently with all the invadors during time, in order to populate the island and make money out of it, indian labour was brought from overseas, or should I say overoceans, to work the fields out and export whatever possible to export from there, tea, sugar cane etc. And even if the last invadors leaving a print on the place were british, not everyone speaks english, but for sure everyone speaks french, which was kind of a first for hear indians of all sizes and ages speaking french...

So coming back to vacation types, yes when deciding to spend your vacation on this island, you of course have the option to book an expensive hotel with everything included or not (anyhow it will be expensive) and have all activities within that place, or you have the second option, our option, to book a cheap hostel or hotel in which you will spend time only to sleep and the rest of the day explore the island by bus/foot/car (foot is not really a good decision cause it's quite a big island even if you can barely see it on the world map, but who knows...) And that is exactly what me and my friend did, a cheap but good looking hotel with 22 euros per night per person and travel around the island by bus (again the cheap way to travel in Mauritius, in the condition when the taxi would charge you 10 times more than the public transportation) Of course if you have an international driving license and not afraid of well known crazy indian traffic, rent a car. Problem solved!
Weather? No worries you can find umbrellas and rain coats every corner...cause you would need it. Never in my life even seen so much rain and never ever walked so much in rain. But even weirder than that, one moment it was raining, another moment sun was coming out, in the south of the island it was raining cats and dogs, in the west part it was sunny like hell....For a few moments I found myself in the Bermude Triangle not Indian Ocean :P :))

Mauritius is by far the most beautiful place I'vee seen, a perfect combination of mountains and ocean, all covered in green, could barely see a piece of soil, giving a unique feeling that you are on a piece of land that just pumped out of the ocean one day long ago. We visited quite a few of the natural parks, crocodile park, botanical garden in pout louis (capital city), waterfalls, of course by bus and walking, either on hills and mountains, either in the sugar cane, some good kilometers but surely worth the effort.
My favorite place of them all?
Soon to come the story of the 7 colours of Earth natural park.