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Did you hear about Silva?

Not at all accidentally, this summer I met one of the most inspiring persons I ever did, in a short trip in the mountains, in a village named Brebu. I was not fond of reading, but after meeting I. (I'll just name her I. for now) I started eating books on bread. And no, not literature, but something else.

Just to give you a small hint, if you ever believed in the power of your mind, if you ever believed that indeed a human being can do anything if he/she puts his "brain into it", this is the topic of this post, the power of the mind, your mind!

I woke up in the morning in their beautiful house, in a warm summer morning, I went on the terasse and asked if they have breakfast to serve. She gave me a long look and said NO, "but if you want I can make you a tea". I accepted, knowing that I am angry in the morning if I don't have my breakfast in time, or at least a cup of tea. After not even a minute, I. came back to me saying that if I like, she can make me an omlet. My heart melted, butterflies started flying in my stomach and there is was, my breakfast was about to arrive. Of course I said YES and offered to help. She did not accept my help but after around 10 minutes while I was playing with the dogs, I. came to me with a lovely basket, an ornamental breakfast with omlet and cheese and boiled corn, all with a flower on top. I was in love with everything that was happening to me. She asked where would I like to have my breakfast and I chose the garden, on the hill. While eating my goodies with the 2 brownies behind me (the dogs that is) I felt it, it was something so good, such a feeling that I wish it would last more than a day, a week or a month. It was the feeling of happiness. I took the basked back, thanked for the delicious foods and after that we were linked. We went on the terasse and started talking. There I. told me the story of her living in the mountains with her partner, the fact that one day she decided to stop existing and start living, start enjoying life and projecting her own wishes, making them come true. And that's when I first heard about Silva.

After the lovely weekend, I got home, started google-ing, bought the book called "The Silva Mind Control Method" and another 2-3 books beside it and started reading. And I read and read, the books and online and I felt that it's time to do the next step and finish the course. And so I did. Starting 6th of October 2013 I became a proud absolvent of the Silva mind control course, with diploma and everything. And after the course things became all brighter and more clear.  A few personal examples after understanding what this control is all about, I set up my biological wach to wake me up every morning at ~ 06.20 (after one year of barely opening my eyes at 06.50 everyday to go to work), I am healing my headakes without any medicine, colds, back pains (caused by scoliosis) and others, I have a much better physical state and take all negative situations more ligh, control my blood presure in tense situations etc.

In very short words, the Silva method teaches you how to control yourself and activate different capabilities using your mind, capabilities that we were born with but have no idea they are there, don't even mention that we are not using them. It all happens in the Alpha state of the mind, the state of mind like before a sleep, when you are almst asleep but still aware of the things happening.

In a few words here are some Scientifically verifiable skills though Silva method:

  • Deep relaxation, including both body and mind
  • Meditating immediately, with eyes closed or open
  • Cure for insomnia--voluntary going-to-sleep in one minute
  • Pain control--Silva practitioners are able to not mind intermediate pain, and can get cavities filled or receive colonoscopies without any anaesthetics
  • Blood flow control, leading to primitive temperature control--"send heat" to hands or places in the body. At advanced levels, this can also be used to lessen blood flow to moderate cuts.
  • Self-diagnosis of mental and emotional challenges
  • Memory replay of past events (useful for finding dropped keys, etc.)
  • Intuitive understanding of subconscious sides of self (useful for overcoming blockages)
  • Intuitive understanding of subconscious sides of others
  • Brainstorming and idea formation
  • Energy level control

For better and better!

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