sâmbătă, 6 iulie 2013

Once in a lifetime

I thought about it a lot and tried to describe it, but words don't seem to be enough. I don't think Machu Picchu can be described in words, it just cannot. I can say that it has magic, it gives power, it awakes feelings. The place made me feel truly happy, made me feel complete, like the perfect place in a perfect moment.
Surrounded by untouched nature and early morning clouds, finding my way up to an old spiritual sun gate, the first 2,5 hours of walk were the perfect way to start the day, after less than 5 hours of sleep. The hot sun in the chilly morning was finding its way out of the clouds, and slowly it started embracing us, all of us, the lucky ones walking on the ancient ruins. The way nature received us was perfect, the energy we gave back was priceless. We were linked and we most probably will continue to be linked...forever.
Anyways, the mix of feelings lasted around 5 hours while I was walking around the ruins, and another half hour in the bus, on my way back to Aguas Calientes. After that, it all became an amazing memory that brings back some of the feelings every time I see the pictures and remember how it was up there, in the sky, at 2800 m.
Once in a lifetime...

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Zahraa spunea...

I get this specific question as lot as well. But for me, the most important reason to travel alone is so that I have the freedom to do whatever I want (and not be stuck in my museum just because my companion wants to be there)!