sâmbătă, 28 ianuarie 2012

Back home

"I'm taking the long way home", was the song from ATB. Well guess what, it was worth it, even on the long way. Imagine I am writing theese lines from the cousiness of my home, in my room, with my decorations and a cold cold winter outside the window. Not snowy, not in my town, but still winter.
Now what can you do in the cold hometown after 8 months of summer and sand , spicy food, skyscrapers, camels, salty sea and lots of work? Well surelly a lot, starting with seeing all the friends, and neighbours and family and long lost family and friends again, and old colleagues and the list could go on, visiting the city's old places, bars and clubs where you used to hang out some time ago, (re)culturize yourself with a little bit of drama (theatre), a little bit of music, a little bit of art, walk a lot or go with the trolleybus and tram :D, go in the middle of the city centre square, picture the beautiful old buildings around and carry those images with you wherever you go, visit friends new houses and play with the cats and the dogs, have a cheap and healthy haircut :)), read some books and listen to old national music, explore the city if anything new appeared while you were gone, go pray a little bit and visit old county monasteries just in case you don't have any nearby churches in the place where you now live :P, talk to the people from work to be sure you'r not missing something important :)), eat all the traditional delicious home made foods, spend lots of time with the parents, prepare all the projects for the semestrial exams when still a student :-S, protest along with the country citizens in the city centre to get rid of the president and put country on the right track, go in another city to visit you old friends, write home impressions on the blog to share your happiness with the world and of course enjoy all the small things cause you won't see them again soon.
You guessed right, this was my home vacation, ready now to go back in the desert and continue what I started last year in May, Dubai baby adventures :D