luni, 30 mai 2011

Did you know... (part 1)

Some things about Dubai that are not very well known for people around the world.

* The entire city of Dubai hosts 195 nationalities from all over the globe. Working in different companies, in different fields, or just in vacation, with or without their families or friends, people come in Dubai seeking for things they did not find in their home countries, with the idea that they will have maybe a better life, or just to make a change, or to have a great holiday. And amazingly get all that. The city provides such conditions so that people can have a normal life, above the poverty limit. Therefore no poor people on the streets, no dust and no garbage (except for some small areas).

* Besides the garbage and dust, one thing you do not see on the streets of Dubai are dogs. These animals do not seem to exist in this area except in people’s houses, as in owned dogs. Our trainer sais cats are everywhere, but since I came here I saw only 2, one on a beach and one in my building at the doormen. * And actually today, on my way to the city, I saw in a neighborhood 2 cats next to a shop, eating like crazy. So a total of 4 cats in one month... Man I miss animals :X

* Emirates Group itself is the home company of 165 nationalities, brand no. 270 in the world with the most eco friendly aircrafts in the airline industry.

* Besides the 195 nationalities within Dubai, not remembering the exact number, more than 60% or the people living in Dubai are Indians, so imagine the amount of spices on the shops, of course never comparing with Bombay or any other city in India : )

* An amazing thing in the city are the highways, that have between 2 and 6 lines on each side. Just to have a clear impression, imagine the highways that connect Hungary to Austria. Those you find within Dubai, but much better kept. And of course if you have highways you have speed, so the maximum speed limit within some of these highways is 120 km...IN THE CITY.

* By the way I didn’t hear not even 1 car horn since I came here, these people are very peaceful when it comes to driving, even if they speed. Every car on its line, not like in India :P, every cab chauffeur wearing uniform, all civilized and in place.

* Dubai Mall is the mall with the biggest nos. of shops in the world, and inside you can find the biggest indoor aquarium if I well understand. It is simply amazing. When you stand outside the mall, in front of Burj Khalifa, the lovely Dubai Dancing Fountain will cheer you sense, with its unique capacity of actually dancing...

* I suppose that I don’t have to mention that Burj Khalifa is the major attraction in the city, being the tallest building in the world, of more than 820 m high. Inside you cannot find much, just hotels, restaurants, among these the Armani hotel (which I don’t want to know how much expensive it is) and others :P The building tour costs 100 Dhs if you book in advance, or if you just go to see it without booking it costs 400 Dhs.

* Vegetation is totally missing in this city, except some areas where there are some improvised parks, barely staying green thanks to a good irrigation system. The rest is all sand and specific desert plants, half green half yellow. I am craving for a forest you guys...heeelp!!!!!

To be continued...

luni, 23 mai 2011

Life in Dubai, the beginning

It’s been more than 2 weeks since I moved in the luxurious Dubai, one of the cities with the fastest growth in the world (if not the fastest) For those who do not know I am working with Emirates Group, in Emirates Airline as a customer sales and service agent. All this meaning I am in call centre, attending Emirates calls in English and Spanish. How it is till now? I am proud to say GOOD =)), but not in work yet, in trainings, cause Emirates is well known as the company who teaches its new joiners all about airline industry. So yes, I am attending free classes, more than that, I am getting paid for them, a basic salary. Till now it’s all been amazing, the company is very serious, with lots of focus on people, both inside and outside Emirates (as in employees and of course customers), very much different that any work I have experienced till now.

And here comes the long awaited part, the actual “dubaian” life for me. I came here with the idea that everything is at least 2 times more expensive than in Romania. But as we all know, the stories are most of the times different than reality. So in conclusion NO, life in Dubai is not that much expensive as expected. But taking in consideration that they cannot grow parcel and carrots here, they do not have cows everywhere or fruit trees, all is imported, so not very cheap either. I am doing my weekly shopping in Carrefour :D, where amazingly you can find ANYTHING, even Romanian cookies as we noticed this week. The currency here is AED-Arab Emirates Dirham (Dhs), where 1 Euro=5 Dhs and 1 Dollar=4 Dhs (approximately) So to make it clear, a kilo of carrots is about 4,5 Dhs, 1 liter of milk is at least 4 Dhs, 1 kilo of Indian grapes is at least 13 Dhs, 1 kilo of cheese about 30 Dhs, and of course meat is expensive, starting 20-25 Dhs depending on the type and the country. Fortunately my life here is based on fruit like grapes, apples, melons and many others, cause of the heat, so I don’t really eat anything else except chicken from time to time, beans and eggs.

One crazy thing in this crazy city is definitely the heat and climate. I am experiencing since I came here at least 30 degrees every day, sometimes even 40 (and summer is not even here yet), I am going at the beach, but still NO TAN. The sun is so powerful but it seems it does not like me very much, cause I am still white =)) Well I have time to get some tan, who knows how many years I’ll spend here :P

But you know, besides all these, there is not much to do or see in Dubai, reason for which I don’t realy like the city. Besides being enormous, it has no attractions, no vegetation except some irrigated almost dry flowers on the highway sides. Burj al Arab and its beach, Burj Khalifa-the tallest building in the world and the Malls are the best things you can do in Dubai. Of course you can visit the spice market and the gold market, you can go on the sea with the boat, you can fly with the balloon or go for a safari, but that’s about it. I am starting to wonder what will I do after 6 months of living here? I will have nothing new to see... Therefore I will save some place for later, in order not to get bored ;)))

Well this would be it for now about Dubai, hopefully I will be able to keep this blog “hot” during my stay here :P But one thing is for sure, comparing with my last work experience from India, here I am already missing home and friends, and it’s not even been one month. I truly hope I will manage, otherwise, guys, I’ll be coming home early...again :P

Till next time, one small quotation from the locals “People who produce good results feel good about themselves.” (Atilla the Hun) Think about it...