sâmbătă, 11 februarie 2012

Move it, it's 2012!

Can anyone please tell me where did the last 3 years go? Cause not long ago I was somewhere in Romania with my studies, then I left to India to change the views, then I came back home and then....where did the days go? Is it just me or this planet and sun and whatever else in this Universe is spinning a little bit faster than the old days? I mean I remembers everyday when I was little and the day was so long and the year was long also, and now, everything ends like in a few hours...And what do you know, it's 2012!
OOOOHHH MYYY GOOOODDDD, this is the end!!!!!! Let's do something, let's do everything, let's do it all now, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.
Does anyone believe this shit, except me? Do you really think the end is now? I will admit that I do, I really do believe. And I am not talking about the end of the world as in the huge mushroom will wipe us away or planet earth will become a lonely sad place full of water or dust or ashes. I believe that this year something will happen that will end the world as we know it, like a start for a new kind or era...and wow that sounded so deep :))) So what do you know, ACTA is on and the economical situation is wipping the countries away from the european list, and snow is covering our houses in nowadays winter. Kind of weird, don't you think? Should we really expect cips in our brains and robots to come and do our stuff in the next future? You know I don't exclude that either :)))
(play song)
Long ago, in the land where everything was possible, while walking on the streets to my home, I met a small girl with big blue eyes. She was dancing her way home, saying hy to all the trees and flowers around, singing a song that sounded to optimistic and happy even for me. I stopped and asked: Why are you so happy little girl? She looked up at me, smiled and gave me the drawing. Then I understood...

luni, 6 februarie 2012

Old style happiness

Speaking about happiness, no person is happy all the time, the feeling comes and goes, and blessed are those who have it everyday, at least a little bit.
Well maybe some of you know the story, but I'm going to tell you my old small daily happiness, in my house, with my dad and a big old fancy record player, with an 80' Radio Europa Fm.
Sitind in the corner of the livingroom, in a comfty armchair, with large headsets covering half of the head, enjoying every song played on the radio and recording the "good ones" on tapes. One of the best "toys" in the house for small Oana.
Whenever I used to walk in the room, I could see my dad with his eyes closed, in a fluffy bathrobe, with his white hair and kind face, keeping the rhythm from the huge headset in his snapping fingers, enjoying the songs. I would sneak next to him, draw his attention, smyle and take over. That was my daily happiness back then.
And as a return in 2012, yesterday night flashbacks came around when in one of the usual bars to hang out, I found the old songs filling the place. God remembered the singers or the name of the songs, but thanks to modern technology and magnificent Google, it's enough nowadays to just write some lyrics and Google finds the song for you. Exactly what I did, ending up with below playlist.
And while sitting in the tall chair, in the late night, with a glass a beer in front and friends giggling around, I found myself .... extremly HAPPY ....

sâmbătă, 4 februarie 2012

Cele 3 tipuri de barbati

Indraznetul vine beat acasa la 3 dimineata. Sotia lui sta in pat, treaza. Indraznetul apuca un scaun si il aseaza langa pat.
- Ce faci cu asta? intreaba nevasta, infuriata la culme.
- Vreau sa stau in primul rand cand incepe circul

Curajosul ajunge beat acasa la 3 dimineata. Nevasta il asteapta la usa cu o matura in mana. Curajosul o intreaba:
- Vrei sa maturi sau sa zbori undeva?

Neinfricatul vine beat acasa la 3 dimineata. Duhneste a parfum si are camasa mazgalita cu ruj. Isi apuca sotia de fund si zice:
- Acum e randul tau!

Pls use google translate if anyone else curious about the post :)) Just to have an idea, it's about the 3 types of men....