joi, 28 iunie 2012

Waste land

I got a message today from my dear friend from home who scold me for not saying Happy Birthday in time. Of course I felt bad, stupid, tried to excuse myself, if it worked out or not I will find out when I actually get home, but till then, I've learned a new thing today after talking to her...that dreams can grow even from trash. Quite strange conclusion after a simple chat with a friend, isn't it? Well you should know that one of our points of discussion ended up with Waste land, a story about an artist who brought a change in people's lives, a story about trash, about intense feelings and happiness, about people and about their small dreams who no one believed would come true, and what do you know, they finally did, all because of the garbage around them....literally garbage.
The entire thing happened in Brazil, a few years ago, and happened for real, in my dream destination, Rio, in the world's largest dump area outside the city (and its not a joke with dream destination, OK ?). Can you imagine people living their lives in garbage, can you imagine people from garbage having dreams of normal clean lives, can you possibly imagine that people living around trash for so many years can become artists and famous all over the world? They didn't imagine it either, but eventually they did.
Not to spoil the taste and let each and everyone discover the beauty of the movie, I'm just gonna write some lines that I can still hear in my ears even though I finished the movie..."I'd rather want everything and have nothing, than have everything and want nothing. Because at least when you want something your life has a meaning: it's worthwhile. From the moment you think you have everything, you have to search for meaning in other things. I spent half my life wanting everything and having nothing; and now I have everything and I don't want anything" (Vik Muniz - the artist that created something from nothing) And to end the post artistically, I would like to thank my loving friend Sabina for sharing the story and to apologize for the late Happy birthday wish, my mom for raising me as a person who believes in herself and her dreams and last but not least I would like to thank myself for being such a great and appreciative girl. Cheers!

duminică, 10 iunie 2012

Home style 2

Did I tell you that I was in vacation not long ago? And man what a relaxing green vacation. Destination? "No place like home". Of course I will not compare my home with any other place that I've visited but I can tell you that after one year in the desert (cause by the way I've accomplished 1 year in Dubai :D ) spending 10 days in green Timisoara (my hometown) was like a blessing. Now try to imagine this: one big yard with a 20 meter Christmas tree in front of the house, with strawberries and cherries, one cream cute medium size dog running around, a long wooden terrace with flowers, a bicycle in the back, about 3 huge wall nut trees to keep shadow, another 2 black train dogs (tekels) jumping at your feet, a rocker under the trees just perfect for afternoon naps, a huge back yard with all sort of fruit trees and vegetables, lovely neighbors and a fluffy kitty miau-ing every time you come out of the house looking for a little bit of affection. And sometimes I sit and wonder...what the hell am I doing in this freaking sandy place??? :))) Anyhow the re-accommodation is usually taking a few 2-3 days, everything looks so weird at the beginning, and all the daily habits cannot find place in the old but somehow new landscape. And by the time I am back to normal, puf, time to get back to the desert :)) Cruel life. And the fill all the gaps, 10 days home meant this time: party with loving friends, lots of gifts, ridding the bike every day, shopping, seeing a play at my drama club, plenty of walks, eating raw fruits from the very own...tree, quality time with folks, finishing my exams and clearing my studies (YAY I'm a graduate!!!), visiting all neighbors and relatives (or at least most of them), going to birthday party, seeing old colleagues and friends, drinking Silva black :X, playing with my dogs every day, driving my car, keeping in touch with Dubai stuff so that I don't completely isolate myself from the desert :))