sâmbătă, 1 iunie 2013

Head in the clouds

10.000 m up in the sky since 9 hours. After 8 hours of only water and clouds view, the ocean encountering land is a magical scene. Like I woke up especially to see that.
The land is dry, no vegetation, only sand and stones. We passed Venezuela and Colombia and are now heading slowly towards Peru where the vegetation is starting to show up in the high tops. Me? Overwhelmed! Others around me? Snoring like bears. I suppose they don´t care, the pilot doesn´t care, only about the air around his plane, but I care. Who knows what life is down there under me, what amazing beautiful things are happening. I would be so happy to try one, at least one.
Rare conglomerats of white spots appear from time to time in the scene. The cities are quite rare in this corner of the continent it seems. The water is invading the scene again and clouds are back. The sky above us is getting crowded and grey; looks like autumn. Well what do you know, it is autumn in this part of the globe.
Land again, this time all green, different types of green even. I might say it looks familiar now, European somehow. You know, I just realised that every continent has a different view from the clouds, and these views give me unique feelings everytime.
I remember first time I got into a plane, it was my flight to India. When I started flying over the huge dunes of sand I started to panic. I was passing over Iran or Afghanistan and I couldn´t stop my mind from thinking how would it be if we were to end up there for any reason. In the desert, maybe miles away from civilization, in a country that from TV does not seem very friendly or welcoming (not that I would know that for real) I was scared, my hands turned cold and I could not wait to change the view. When the plane started flying over India my muscles relaxed. I could see green fields and houses and that made me feel good again. Till I landed in Delhi that is :)))) The flight to Dubai was less scary, cause I´ve been there before, over the golden sands. But the flight to Brazil was one to remember, cause most of the time we flew over Africa. I was watching the map and hoping that we would need to land anywhere on the way. The scene was all green, thin lines of water appeared from time to time, I was closing my eyes and imagining that I am down there somewhere, in the jungle, with wildlife all around me, with monkeys and tigers and beautiful birds singing. Of course it was a nice dream, cause none of the animals were about to chew me, on the contrary, they were receiving me in their environment.
But getting back to reality, 2 hours and a half till Lima. Let´s sleep it away!

* This article was written on 17th of May at 15.30 Peru time, 23.30 Romania time.

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